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1:1 Coaching Programmes

1-1 Coaching Programmes

  1:1 Coaching Programmes   Whilst my specialist areas are body confidence and self-esteem, many of my clients opt for the more holistic approach that comes with Life Coaching. They find that examining and making positive changes to other areas

work with me-weight management, body confidence and life coaching


      Hello! I’m Anna Jones and I work with long term serial dieters who have had ENOUGH! They have had enough of trying so, so hard to lose weight, for so, so long! Especially since no matter how

Get support, focus and accountabilty and manage your weight.

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Are you a long term serial dieter, who is totally fed up of feeling ashamed of your body size?   Have you spent YEARS trying to get to lose weight?  But yet no matter what you try, you just can’t

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