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Hello! I’m Anna Jones and I work with long term serial dieters who have had ENOUGH!
They have had enough of trying so, so hard to lose weight, for so, so long!
Especially since no matter how hard they try, they still can’t seem to achieve the long term results they have been promised.
 These women are also sick and tired of being sick and tired of their bodies!


I want to take these women by the shoulders and gently give them a little shake!  I want to make them realise that life is just too damned short to be stuck in a perpetual cycle of  dieting fresh starts, which are then swiftly followed by feelings of failure and self-loathing when it all goes belly up again!


I also want to help them understand it’s not their fault!


If there was an effective way of losing weight and keeping it off, we’d all be thin by now!
There are too many diets, weight loss companies, eating plans and diet books out there to count!
They all claim to be ‘the one’.  The thing is, even if just one of them was ‘the one’,  the so called ‘obesity epidemic’ would have been cured by now!
Yes, yes, yes, all diets work in the short term, we know that !  That’s how they seduce us in the first place.  But they obviously don’t work forever. (Or as I already said, we’d all be thin by now!)


Studies show that at least 95% 0f those who do manage to release weight end up putting it back on again in 5 years if not sooner!
So as I say- it’s not our fault!



I do the work I do because I want to help women just like me!


I have had body confidence issues due to my size, since I was 7 years old.  I truly understand the frustration and lack of self-worth that comes with this territory.
In my early 30s I actually did manage to lose 63lbs, with a well-known slimming club.  At the time I rejoiced and thought that I was fixed for good.
In fact I was such a ‘believer’ that 7 years after I originally lost my weight, I began working for said slimming club.  I had a very successful career in the weight loss industry for 13 years both running meetings and as a company trainer.


But during my 40s I found it increasingly difficult to maintain my own weight, and finally had to admit to myself that what had worked for me before was no longer working.

I was sick of feeling negative about my body and of feeling pressured into always having to strive for a non maintainable weight.
And I could also see that there were many other women in the same position as me.  These were the ladies that I REALLY wanted to help…..
The ones who just could not follow the diet club rules for long enough to see success.
Oh and the ones who had been successful once, but just could not seem to find the same success again.
Oh and the ones who were struggling to maintain the weight loss they had supposedly successfully achieved.


To be honest although I didn’t see it at the time- this really constituted most of the slimming club’s members. It seems now, looking back that the first timers (and sometimes, but rarely the second-timers) were the only ones who were successfully losing weight.  But after their initial success, they too then joined the band of strugglers.


My Mission


If you are curious, you can read about how I ended up ditching diet culture altogether >> here <<


My mission now is to help women with long term body confidence and self-esteem issues resulting from years of feeling ‘too fat’ and from dieting, to feel good about themselves just as they are.  I want them to learn to like and respect their bodies enough, to want to take the best possible care of them.

I also want to help free them from diet culture, just as I have freed myself!


If you don’t need to read any more and know that something needs to change for you, then click on the box and let’s arrange a time for a no strings chat…..


I know the thought of leaving diet culture behind is scary!


There is another way to live though, honest!


  • Being at peace with your body.
  • Making peace with food.
  • Freeing up headspace, by letting go of all negative thoughts about your body.
  • Freeing up even more headspace, by not having to constantly obsess over what you ‘should’ and ‘shouldn’t’ be eating.
  • Learning to tune into your body and it’s needs.
  • Learning additional ways to soothe your emotions.
  • Taking care of yourself from a place of self compassion
  • Accepting yourself as you are right now
  • And living your life in the here and now, instead of waiting for the elusive day when you are at that even more elusive perfect weight


I firmly believe that life is too short to be down on yourself because of your size.  And that the first step is to learn to LIKE yourself and respect your body enough to start to take proper care of it in every way possible.

I’d love to be able to help.  Click on the box to arrange a chat, and let’s find out what is possible for you!


A bit more about me….just so you know….

I was a stay at home Mum for 13 years and that truly was a tricky job- I wish I could do it all again, knowing what I know now!

As well as spending many years inspiring, motivating and encouraging people to lose weight, I have a background in training within the weight loss industry.


I had my epiphany after reading Body Respect by Linda Bacon PhD which led me to leaving diet culture behind!


I am a trained professional Life Coach and also a trained EFT (Emotional freedom Technique) Practioner.

My favourite things are my husband, my 2 grown up sons ,my grown up daughter, my lovely doggy Diesel (who doubles up as my personal trainer), and all things cosy e.g. pubs, coffee shops and armchairs.

Oh and I’m also partial to a glass of wine!

I work part-time at my cosy (of course!) local library, and this gives me my ‘book touching’ fix and no fines for my overdues (perk of the job!); the rest of the time is dedicated to helping women get off that soul destroying dieting treadmill.

And helping them to learn to love their bodies and live their lives!


Time to sort it!


Anna x


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