About Anna


work with me-weight management, body confidence and life coaching

Hello! I’m Anna Jones and I work with women who are stuck………stuck in the negative cycle of wanting to lose weight, to gain better self-esteem and to feel happy in their own skins. They know what they are supposed to do, but just can’t seem to actually DO IT!


I wonder if you feel like this…..
  • Totally fed up with feeling like you have no control over your weight and your eating habits
  • Sick and tired of feeling that you’re not quite good enough
  • Like your body is your enemy
  • And like life is passing you by while you endlessly mull over the same old body issues, yet make no progress
          Then I am so happy you found me, because I know I can help!  
Get in touch so we can start to figure out some solutions for you!


I do the work I do because I want to help women just like me!


I have had weight management and body confidence issues since I was 7 years old.  I truly understand the frustration and lack of self-worth that comes with this territory.
In my early 30s I actually did manage to lose 63lbs, with a well-known slimming club.  At the time I rejoiced and thought that I was fixed for good.
In fact I was such a ‘believer’ that 7 years after I originally lost my weight, I began working for said slimming club.  I had a very successful career in the weight loss industry for 13 years both running meetings and as a company trainer.  I saw a lot of women lose weight successfully.
But during my 40s I found it increasingly difficult to maintain my own weight, and finally had to admit to myself that what had worked for me before was no longer working.

I was sick of feeling negative about my body and of feeling pressured into always having to strive for a non maintainable weight.
And I could also see that there were many other women in the same position as me.  These were the ladies that I REALLY wanted to help…..the ones who were stuck.  They knew WHAT they needed to do but couldn’t seem to just get on and do it.  And the harder and longer they tried the more dissatisfied they felt with their bodies.

So I trained as a Life Coach and soon afterwards I left my job and set up my own practice Time to Sort It!  I realised that I would never be able to help the ladies I truly wanted to help in a slimming club environment.
I never had the time to talk to them as individuals and to really get to the bottom of what was stopping them from being successful.
I will be honest and tell you that I am still not totally ‘fixed’, but finally 45 years on, I do feel so much more comfortable in my own skin, my confidence has grown and my self-care and weight management are MUCH improved.
And I want the same for my clients.
I want to metaphorically shake these lovely ladies and help them realise that life is too damned short to be so down on themselves and to be so unkind to their poor bodies.
As well as having years of personal and professional experience in this area, my research in the field of weight, body confidence and self-esteem is ongoing.  And I believe that there is no ‘one size fits all’.  We are all different and have individual ways of thinking.
I provide my clients with a variety tools and strategies to enable them to change their thinking in order to achieve their body goals.
My mission is to help women who have longterm weight and body confidence issues to finally make friends with their bodies so they can clear the way to releasing the lbs.


I want to enable you ….

  • To learn to like and respect your body, and if you want to- to release weight.
  • To really start to believe that you CAN achieve your self-esteem goals
  • To feel confident enough to wear clothes you feel good in, and that you actually like!
  • To feel amazing both inside and out.
  • To do what it takes to sort yourself out NOW, once and for all.
If you don’t need to read any more and want to take action RIGHT NOW, then click on the box and let’s chat…..

Here’s how I see it…

There are hundreds of diets out there, telling us what we can and can’t eat.  There are many helpful suggestions as to which exercises we should be doing. But for me the diet industry is totally missing the point!

The point is- I already know what to do!! (and you probably do too), but for a period in my life, try as I might, I just couldn’t seem to find the motivation to actually do it…….at least not consistently enough to achieve my goals. I’d stopped believing that I was capable of succeeding.  I’d started wondering if I was meant to be the size I was and if I deserved to feel inadequate.

I am being honest with you because if you are in a similar situation, I want you to know that I totally get what you are going through.

I firmly believe that life is too short to be down on yourself because of your size.  And that the first step is to learn to LIKE yourself and respect your body enough to start to take proper care of it.  In my opinion this is the foundation you need to build in order to release weight permanently.

And so here I am at your service.

My aim when working with you, is through collaboration and questioning, to motivate you to take action so that you can ‘unstick’ yourself and achieve your personal goals at last.  I know you can do it, my job is to enable you to believe it too!  Motivation and focus are the key to your success.



A bit more about me….just so you know….

I was a stay at home Mum for 13 years and that truly was a tricky job- I wish I could do it all again, knowing what I know now!

As well as spending many years inspiring, motivating and encouraging people to lose weight, I have a background in training within the weight loss industry.

I am a trained professional Life Coach and have spent many years coaching trainees and individuals who want to lose weight.

I am also a trained EFT (Emotional freedom Technique) Practioner.

My favourite things are my husband, my 2 grown up sons ,my nearly grown up daughter, my lovely doggy Diesel (who doubles up as my personal trainer), and all things cosy e.g. pubs, coffee shops and armchairs.

Oh and I’m also partial to a glass of wine!

I work part-time at my cosy (of course!) local library, and this gives me my ‘book touching’ fix and no fines for my overdue books (perk of the job!)