Dieting and Deprivation


It’s something I have heard regularly over the years from clients-

I don’t want to feel deprived otherwise I’ll end up giving up on my diet.


And yes it’s true, feeling deprived is not the most positive of feelings.
Who wants to feel deprived??
Feeling  like you are not allowed to indulge in the same way that ‘everyone else is allowed to’ is a sad place to be. AND a sure fire way of jeopordising your chances of longterm weight management success.  And even more importantly, it could also ruin your chances of a healthy relationship with food, not to mention  a healthier way of life.
I spent so many years whilst working in the weight loss industry, subscribing to the theory that if you deprive yourself of the foods you love you will doom yourself to failure.
I believed this theory wholeheartedly!  I positively encouraged the members of my slimming clubs to make sure that they had a ‘little treat’ now and then.


But I see clearly now….

…that changing what we tell ourselves about deprivation is essential if we want to release weight forever!


Let me ask you this:

Which is the bigger deprivation?


1. Not allowing yourself to indulge in foods which are high in sugar and saturated fat. Foods which are high in salt and saturated fat. Foods which make you crave more of the same; which make you feel out of control.  Foods which lead to bingeing. Foods which you know are responsible for you being overweight. Foods which harm your health. Foods which could potentially leads to type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol. Foods which leave you feeling depleted of energy and ‘stodged out’.  Foods which when you have overindulged in them (because they are so  ‘moreish’) leave you feeling guilty and annoyed with your self.




2. Not allowing yourself fresh, tasty, nutritious and colourful foods. Foods which will help keep your body healthy and limit the likelihood of illness.  Foods which will help you to feel lighter and full of energy.  Foods which fill you up, and enable you to feel in control.  Foods which help you manage your weight and feel better about yourself.


So when I put it like that, which really is the bigger deprivation?

Or I could put it another way-

Which of the following scenarios sounds like it will create the biggest deprivation to you?

Denying yourself the shortlived sensory pleasure of stuffing your face with JUNK food which has minimal nutritional value, helps keep your body fat and bloated and makes you hate yourself for your lack of control.
Denying yourself the longer term pleasure of a  fitter, healthier and slimmer body, and a more enjoyable relationship with food


Here’s the thing:

We get to choose how we think about the concept of deprivation.

I wonder if like me, you are starting to believe that you have got things a bit skew whiff where weight management and the idea of deprivation is concerned ?
Look, let me repeat: I’m not suggesting that we never eat any unhealthy food ever again.
But I am suggesting that we change how we view ‘deprivation’.  When we tell ourselves we will be ‘deprived’ if we are ‘not allowed’ to eat the big greasy burger for example, we are choosing to make healthy eating seem more challenging than it needs to be.
We are also making long term weight management and healthy eating feel impossible.
We are feeding ourselves an unhelpful lie.
Do yourself a favour, and review the way you think of deprivation.
One of my 1-1 clients did just this.  5 weeks in and she has changed her deprivation mindset so successfully, that she recently returned from a thoroughly enjoyable holiday 3 lbs lighter. (14lbs in 5 weeks and smiling all the way!).

Please share this post and help me help the women who need to hear this message 🙂

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