GUEST BLOG POST- by Emily Barclay of Embracing Fitness

Let me introduce you to Emily Barclay writer of the blog below.
After years of inactivity and feeling sluggish, Emily got herself a dog and found that moving more made her feel better. She is now a qualified personal trainer, but rather than lurk in a gym wearing lycra, she supports women to get more active in a way that suits them.
I love the emphasis Emily puts on making exercise FUN!  I’m sure you’ll enjoy her blog 🙂


Exercise equipment you never knew you had in your home!


To get the qualifications I need to have to be able to help people get more active, I had to pass my Gym Instructor course. I am a gym member, I hardly ever go, every now and then I quite enjoy it (only if Homes Under the Hammer is on, if I’m totally honest) but really my life is just fine without ever stepping into the gym. And I’m a personal trainer. So if I feel like this why would any of my clients feel differently?

I know exactly what it feels like to be the person in the gym class who has no idea what the instructor is expecting of you, who can’t make their body move left the instant they hear the word (anyone else need a few seconds for it to land which way is actually left? Just me?!); I know how soul destroying it feels to be out of breath walking on the treadmill when Mrs Superfit is sprinting a marathon next to you, immaculate make up still in place.


Nah, no need for the gym at all if they are not your thing!


OK, so surely I’m therefore going to say you need lots of expensive equipment in your house then? Nope. None of it. You have everything you need already. Let’s do an inventory:

Weights – yep, you’ve got tins of food, bottles of water, bottles of wine, a dog, a cat, a child. All good weights to use. Oh, and let’s not forget body weight – there are SO many exercises you can do without needing any extra weights at all.

CV equipment – think treadmill, stationary bike, cross trainer – no need – you can do star jumps, running or marching on the spot, go for a brisk walk outdoors, run up and down the stairs. All gets your heart rate up, and without the mind numbing watching the numbers never move quickly enough.

Core – for getting that “corset” that trims your waist, protects your back, strengthens your tummy muscles, all you need is enough space to lie down, ideally on a carpet or rug – it’s not much fun on a cold tiled floor.

And one last thing – a means of timing yourself. Your phone should have a timer on it. I don’t even ask my clients to count! Nope, just do the exercise you’re doing until your phone beeps.

I am, of course, not suggesting anyone avoids asking for a treadmill or exercise bike for Christmas. Just, you could buy a cheaper clothes horse, and use the equipment you already have around the house….

For more information about my no-gym approach to getting more active, have a look at – I’d love to have a Skype chat with you to see if I can help 😊


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