1-1 Coaching Programmes


1:1 Coaching Programmes





A Month to Sort It!  An ABSOLUTE steal at just £99!


Ever fancied having a life coach, but not been too sure what it’s all about?
Has it seemed like a big investment, when you don’t even know the coach that well?
Or is it just that you are not used to putting your own needs and desires right up there on your list of priorities?
Well now is your chance to sample in bite sized format, what coaching can do for you and your life!


The Month To Sort It offers you the chance to experience the transformation that coaching brings, in a mega mini package at a mega mini price!


 There’ll be nothing mega mini about the results though!


Here’s what one of my clients has to say about the experience:


I recently took part in Anna’s Month to Sort It package.  It was fantastic to have the extra focus and encouragement that Anna offers over the course of a whole month, on a day to day basis! During times of stress or weakness Anna was there to pick me up.  She’d remind me of my aims for my body and the plans that we created together in the first coaching call.  She also gave me confidence to keep going and the belief that I could actually achieve my goals.  I would not hesitate to repeat the experience



The idea is that you choose one area of your life where you’d like to create change, and we’ll create a plan together during our initial 1 hour call.  (You’ll already have completed a pre-coaching worksheet, so we can make the absolute most of out time on the call)
We will then have weekly email contact, and finish up the month with a 30 minute call.


You can choose whatever area of your life that you want to work on.  I’ll list some ideas below, but YOU know your life better than anyone, so it may be that I haven’t listed your particular issue; that doesn’t mean we can’t work on it though.  As I say the list below is just to give you some inspiration.


  • Confidence (body or otherwise)
  • Work/life balance
  • Prioritising your self care
  • Recreating your relationship with food
  • Working on your people pleasing tendencies
  • Relationship issues
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Boundaries
  • Money
  • Decluttering


This package is worth at least £250 in my time alone, but in order to allow more women experience the amazing benefits of life coaching I’m offering it during April and May 2018 at the amazing price of just £99.

Spaces are limited however, so use the paypal button below to purchase.
get in touch >>HERE<< ASAP if you’d like one of the 5 available slots. (Only 2 places left now- get in touch before April 30th 2018)

Or if you prefer you can message me via my FB page >>HERE<<

NB Coaching is very different ot counselling.  Although you will have the opportunity to talk about what is going on for you, the emphasis will be on your GOAL and how you can make it happen.  You’ll also have my support and encouragement for the month, and importantly you’ll also have me to hold you accountable!  The aim is to create the change you desire.





Make peace with food!


This is for you if:
  • You are a long term serial dieter who has had enough, and knows deep down that dieting doesn’t work!
  • You are sick of having so much of your headspace taken up with thoughts of dieting and body negativity
  • You don’t even know anymore what a healthy relationship with food is!
  • You want someone to guide you, and give you the confidence to move away from diet culture.

In 3 short month’s you’ll be feeling:


More relaxed around food!
Confident that YOU are capable of making your own food choices without having to follow a diet, or someone else’s food rules.
Healthier:- the food stress will diminish and you’ll learn how to choose your own balanced way of eating.



Imagine freeing up your headspace and not thinking about food all of the time!  Imagine not being pre-occupied by what you ‘should’ and ‘shouldn’t’ be eating!  Imagine not feeling guilty around food?

This is a 3 month programme which consists of-
6 x 1 hour fortnightly 1-1 coaching sessions
Fortnightly email coaching on the weeks between coaching sessions, to keep the focus going.
You’ll receive tools and strategies to assist you in learning to like and respect your body enough to take the best possible care of it.
You’ll also get support, encouragement and accountabilty from a coach who cares!


The programme value is £529  (£565 for live face to face coaching if you are local and prefer to meet)
Contact me by email  >>HERE<< to arrange a FREE 30 minute call to find out if this programme is for you.




Life Coaching

Whilst my specialist areas are body confidence and self-esteem, many of my clients opt for the more holistic approach that comes with Life Coaching.
They find that examining and making positive changes to other areas of their lives,  can also assist them in achieving changes to how they think about themselves.
Here are some of the packages that I currently offer. (If you aren’t sure which would work best for you, please contact me to arrange a free chat so we can discuss)



Life Coaching 1-1 courses


This is for you if:
  • You crave the 1-1 attention that this style of coaching brings
  • You are fed up of not living the life that you want to live
  • You want clarity around your life goals
  • You don’t want to waste another moment of your life and you want to start ringing the changes NOW!


Most of my coaching happens via telephone or Skype.
I offer 1-1 coaching in person if you are local, and you prefer face to face contact.



6 x 1 hr sessions             £429 (Skype or telephone)      £459 (In person)
6 x 45 min sessions       £369 (Skype or telephone)      £399 (In person)
6 x 30 min sessions      £280  (Skype or telephone)       £310 (In person)


Sessions may be conducted weekly or fortnightly.



Please note-

I work with clients in many different ways so if you would like something different, please take advantage of my free discovery session and we can talk about what support works best for you.  I am flexible and I’m here to help.


NB  To chat through which are the best options for you please take advantage of my free 30 minute consultation call. Click here to get in touch



Disclaimer:  All results are dependent on the client taking appropriate action.
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