Why feeling negative about your body is NOT motivating!


Why feeling negative about your body is NOT motivating!

I have spent the last 3 decades of my life trying to find the answer to the ‘lose weight and keep it off’ conundrum.  My research is ongoing but at this moment in time, my belief is that it may not be pssible but if it were, the very first step is this: to learn to like and respect your body as it is right now.
Here are my reasons for believing this:


Reason number 1
It seems that many of us find it really difficult to release weight permanently.  If you are someone who has struggled with this issue for 10 years or more you will understand where I am coming from.


It may also have crossed your mind that you may never manage to achieve your weight loss dreams.

So let’s assume that this in fact happens, and that you remain at your current weight for the rest of your life.  Judging by past performance the chances are high that this will be the case, right?  And that’s assuming you don’t get even heavier as the years go by.
The consequence of not liking and respecting your body in it’s current state, is that you will spend the rest of your days feeling bad, inadequate and generally sad. Is this how you want to live? But the fact remains that hating your body as it is right now, is not a great way to spend the years you have left on this earth.


Reason number 2
Feeling negative about your body is NOT motivating!  OK, it can be…. for short bursts of time.  But being in a state of chronic self-loathing will not help you to stay motivated to take care of your body for the long term.
Let me explain.  Sure, feeling devastated at what you see in the mirror on a particular day, and hitting that all too familiar rock bottom, can give you a real kickstart.  It’s a motivation that sounds like this:


‘Right, that’s it!  I’ve had enough! I’m fat and ugly and I’m going to do something about this once and for all!’

But that style of motivation doesn’t last.  Either because you manage to lose a few lbs, start to feel relieved and less panicked and therefore lose the drive to make consistent change.  OR because you are never satisified.
I bet some of you would be delighted to be the size or weight you were at some point in the past, yet at the time you were too busy hating your body to appreciate it.  Am I making any sense to you here?  I so hope so!
Reason number 3
If you finally made the decision to learn to like yourself and your body enough to give it some respect, then you’d also have to change the way you treat it.
You’d have to start to treat it well, like you would a friend.  You’d allow yourself to show it compassion and kindness.  You might even give it the odd compliment.  You’d dress it better. You’d respect it by taking better physical care of it.  You’d eat nutritious and delicious foods. You’d take exercise to keep you strong and fit and because it feels good.  You’d make sure you got enough rest.  And the side effects would be that you would greatly improve your health, and potentially even let go of some lbs in the process. (Although that’s not guaranteed- I’m not gonna lie to yo!)
Well that’s it- that’s why I believe liking and respecting our bodies is the very first step to in motivating you to take care of your body.


But what I also know, is that it’s not easy.

For those of us who have felt bad about the size of our bodies for a long time, changing how we think feels hard.  We just can’t imagine liking ourselves until we are that elusive perfect size.  We just don’t know how to do it.

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  • March 17, 2017 at 7:45 pm

    Good blog post article! Encouraging and inspiring.


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