4 Reasons Serial Dieters are the WORST at Self-Care!

4 Reasons Serial Dieters are the WORST at Self-Care!



I have been a serial dieter for 40 years, and I didn’t even know self-care was an option until I hit my 50s.


It sounds ridiculous I know, because nowadays everyone’s talking about it.

In fact ‘self-care’ gets so much coverage, I’m terrified that people (especially the women I work with who are serial dieters too), will become desensitised to the phrase and overlook how important it really is.


And that MUST NOT happen!


The mere fact of being a woman, raises the likelihood of us putting everyone else’s needs ahead of our own.  But for those of us who have spent years invested in trying to shrink our bodies by restricting our food intake (AKA dieting), the chances of us prioritising our self-care needs are slim!  (Did you see what I did there?  Pun intended!)


There are  many reasons why it’s important to look after ourselves (nurturance I call it- you can find out why when you sign up for my FREE short online course>> Self-Nurturance for Serial Dieters, more details at the end of this blog).


We’ve all heard how useless it is to try and pour from an empty cup (or is it jug?), how we’ll perform better if we take care of ourselves, how it’s good for our health, how the people we care about will be happier for it, etc.

Life is also pretty damned short, so why shouldn’t we take the best possible care of ourselves and have as nice a life as possible?  For us, not just for ‘them’!   We are as deserving as everyone else – that’s the bottom line.


And yet we have spent years refusing to prioritise ourselves  Here are some ideas as to why.



4 reasons why serial dieters struggle more than most with self-care:


1. When someone mentions self-care, serial dieters automatically think they mean ‘eat healthy and exercise more’

We may occasionally come up with the idea of a nice, bubbly bath, or a new hairdo.  But beyond that, our ideas are limited. We have spent so many years desiring weight loss and thinking about how to lose weight, that our ‘go-to’ in terms of self-care often leans towards personal grooming and outward appearance. (And believe me, there is SO much more to it than that!)


2.Serial dieters postpone living life fully until they reach their ideal weight.

It’s a trap that so many of us fall into.  We think ‘I’ll book that holiday when I’ve lost all the weight’, ‘I’ll change jobs when I feel more confident (about my body)’, or ‘I’ll treat myself to some new clothes when I’m slim’.  In the same way we postpone our self-nurturance; we’re basically waiting for the day when we are slim enough to justify ‘rewarding’ ourselves with some proper self-care..


3. Serial dieters have a low sense of self-worth

Sadly the majority us often just don’t feel up to scratch. It’s difficult to feel good about yourself if you believe that your body isn’t good enough at the size it is.

It’s even harder to feel worthy when you have made multiple dieting ‘fresh starts’ which each time end in failure. (This is social proof to me that dieting does not work in the long term).  And then to be reminded of your ‘failure’ everytime you look at a magazine or on your social media feed- there are SO many images of super slim women everywhere, and SO much weight loss talk!

It’s hard to be motivated to take care of yourself, when your self-esteem has been eroded in this way.


4 Serial Dieters don’t believe they have time for self-nurturance

Well when your head is full of disatisfaction with your body, and is busy seeking out THE diet that will finally lead you to your goal weight

……when you are focused on calculating points, calories, nutrients at every eating opportunity, not to mention reading all the articles about which are NOW the right foods to eat, which is NOW the best way to exercise etc.

……when you are also extremely busy trying to be a really lovely human being, and pleasing others as much as possible (because you think you have to work harder at getting people to like you because you’re fat!), it’s going to be tough to believe that you have time to take care of yourself in a more holistic way.  Who’s got time for that, right?


But you know what?  A holistic approach to your self-care is going to bring you so much more peace and contentment than remaining stuck on the hamster wheel of yo-yo dieting ever will.  And it will bring you health benefits too.


If you’re a serial dieter who’d like to take your self-nurturance up several levels, then claim your spot on my FREE online mini course.  It starts on Monday 4th June 2018, lasts for 5 days and will move you from self-destruct to cup overflowing without you even having to leave the house.
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I cannot wait to help you to treat yourself better.



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