What my clients say

I have thoroughly enjoyed the 1-1 course with Anna. I have achieved more than with any of the diets in the past put together! After 20 years plus of battling with my relationship with food, weight and self-confidence Anna has, in 8 weeks, uncovered more than anyone has in all the sessions, counselling and help I have sought in the past. I have started to be more aware of my habits and more importantly the reasons behind them than I have ever had. I have always battled as weight loss is portrayed as relatively straight forwards (eat less, burn more) and it’s not rocket science knowing what’s healthy for you, however I have always struggled to know why I kept sabotaging myself and not following the diets I paid so much for.  Anna has helped me uncover the reasons why and so enabled me to start working the deep-set issues, with the added bonus of 1/2 stone weight loss to boot I wasn’t even aware of or aiming for.

Cannot recommend Anna’s course highly enough.

Charlie, Stockport


NB The aim of my programme is not to help clients lose weight.  Occasionally for some people it is a side effect of the work I do. It will not happen for everyone.  My aim for my clients is to help them develop a relationship with their bodies and with food that makes them feel happy and at peace.



I started working with Anna because I’ve been on diets for most of my adult life and wanted to do something different. I wanted to take a whole new approach to eating, with bone health being my priority as I have a very high risk of Osteoporosis in my family. I found that I was living my life thinking about food, stressing about food, basically obsessing over food. In my time with Anna I’ve become so much more relaxed around it. It’s become a pleasure to prepare wholesome meals, instead of a stressful thing. I’ve made changes I never thought possible – such as going pretty much sugar free (chocolate was a HUGE thing for me), giving up processed foods (Pepsi Max – an addiction that wasn’t great for bone health), drinking loads of water instead.

I love that I’ve shifted my focus from purely weight loss and diets to body image, self-care, listening to my body and eating intuitively. I’m come a long way, and all with Anna’s support, encouragement, butt kicking and hand holding. Thanks Anna, long may it all continue!! x

Ruby McGuire, Newbury





Anna is very easy to talk to and uses a good mix of her own experiences and useful questioning to help to really understand what is preventing you from getting to where you want to be. It feels like a luxury to spend time talking about yourself, but saying out loud the things you have thought about your body and food over the years is very helpful. I discovered through these sessions that the thing that was stopping me taking control of what I eat and when was my constant tiredness from staying up too late. I have been trying to fix this for many many years, but using just my own willpower had been enough. With Anna’s help I have achieved this, and made new habits and I am thrilled. Onwards and upwards!

Caroline, Arborfield



If I’d had coaching with Anna first, I never would have joined a slimming club!

Clare, Arborfield, Berkshire




After 25 years of yoyo dieting, I was fed up of how dieting made me feel.  Working with Anna has in just a few weeks, changed the way I feel about myself.   I’m learning to love myself again and lose the self-criticism.  Anna’s approach is wonderful, kind and supportive.    Anna also teaches EFT- which is a bit weird at first, but it’s SO effective!

Tracey, Lee-on-Solent





I recently took part in Anna’s Month to Sort It package.  It was fantastic to have the extra focus and encouragement that Anna offers over the course of a whole month, on a day to day basis! During times of stress or weakness Anna was there to pick me up.  She’d remind me of my aims for my body and the plans that we created together in the first coaching call.  She also gave me confidence to keep going and the belief that I could actually achieve my goals.  I would not hesitate to repeat the experience.

Beckie Moir, Wokingham




I was not sure sure exactly what to expect from  coaching, so I feel now that it exceeded my expectations. I am astounded at the change in my life over my 6 sessions.  I had ‘light bulb’ moments in each of the first 2 sessions, which has made a great difference to the way I think about what I want to achieve and how I am going to achieve it.

Karen, Bracknell



Anna is thoughtful, enthusiastic and committed to helping her clients meet their goals – just what you need from a life coach. She’s really supportive and enables you to find clarity in identifying clear action plans to achieve your goals.

Oonagh, London



We all have different personal situations and outlooks on life. In this session Anna expertly guided us all towards our individual needs and ultimate goals for the near future. The professional format was enhanced by Anna’s caring nature and good sense of humour. I was very pleasantly surprised by how much we covered in only two hours and we all left with the inspiration and tools to work towards achieving the things we really want to happen in our lives. I highly recommend her.

Karen, Twyford, Berkshire



Anna is calm and amazing at making me feel at ease, allowing me to think about what small changes I can make in order to perceive things differently. The session has given me the opportunity to identify my strengths and how I can use them to my benefit. A worthwhile 2 hours focussed on me putting myself first.

Jo, Berkshire




An excellent way to change my focus from weighing myself to changing my behaviours.  It’s made a real difference to how I think about my diet, my lifestyle and myself. Thank you 🙂

Claire, Woodley


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