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So you don’t want to waste another moment of your precious life?

And you’ve pretty much decided that you want to take action and start working towards:


  • Feeling more positive about yourself!
  • Learning to respect your body enough to take real care of it.
  • Doing what it takes to start to feel amazing both inside and out.
  • Releasing weight and achieving your body goals once and for all
So what are your options?




Time to Sort It Club (Online membership club)


Does this sound like you?-
  • You’ve ‘been there and done that‘, where trying to lose weight is concerned?
  • You already know what you need to do to lose weight, but just can’t seem to get on and do it?
  • You are fed up of swinging between making fresh starts and then giving up when the going gets tough?
  • You are sick of looking in the mirror and feeling a failure?
  • You know deep down it’s not just about what you eat, but more about what’s going on in your head?

What one of the club member’s has to say:

I’d highly recommend the Time to Sort It Club to anyone who wants to lose weight without feeling guilty. Anna supports us through our own personal weight challenges in a kind, caring, yet helpful way. With her gentle yet persuasive nudges, I feel that I’m finally on the path to a healthy relationship with food and my body. The support from the group is fantastic and all the tools, videos and challenges from Anna really help keep us on track.


The Time to Sort It club is an affordable (£19.99 per month) way of keeping focused on your weight management and body confidence goals.
Each month in the club, we’ll cover a different weight loss topic, and you’ll get new ideas and strategies to help you overcome your weight loss challenges, and to help you to feel better about yourself.


You can look forward to videos, worksheets ,tools and liv monthly group webinar meetings, where club members can get to know each other, and get a bit of individual/group coaching from me! 🙂  You’ll also have added day to day support and encouragement in the club’s private facebook group.
As an added bonus, there will be instruction on how to use EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)-it’s a wonderful tool that can help with those mental blocks that keep us stuck.
You’ll receive all this without having to leave the comfort of your own home and all the content will be yours to keep forever- ideal if you have a busy life or if you need a daily injection of motivation and focus.

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1-1 Coaching


This is for you if:
  • You are totally ready to stop postponing the life you want to live, and want to start taking action NOW!
  • You feel stuck either with your weight loss, or any other area of your life (or both!!)
  • You know that some things need to change in order for you to achieve your goals, and you are willing to make the changes.
  • You crave the 1-1 attention that coaching will give you.
Whilst my specialist area is Weight Management, many of my clients opt for the more holistic approach that comes with Life Coaching. They find that examining and making positive changes to other areas of their lives  can also assist them in achieving their weight loss goals .  And of course if you don’t have a weight issue then I am a trained Life Coach and happy to offer Life Coaching pure and simple.
1-1 coaching can take place in person if you are local, or by skype or phone and the investment required is £65 per hour.
WARNING!– Coaching is effective only if you are prepared to take action…….if you are ready,  then click here for more information and click here to learn about the structured 1-1 coaching programmes I offer.

Anna is thoughtful, enthusiastic and committed to helping her clients meet their goals – just what you need from a life coach. She’s really supportive and enables you to find clarity in identifying clear action plans to achieve your goals.

Oonagh, London





I work with clients in many different ways so if you would like something different, please take advantage of my free discovery session and we can talk about what support works best for you.  I am flexible and I’m here to help.

Coffee and Coaching- Group Life Coaching sessions at affordable prices.

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